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The Hyphen-Ears

kevin smith (who later went on to find fame as an actor in the likes of hercules before he died tragically in the early 2000s) released a series of tapes, often with pat faigan (aka duane zarakov – later of spacedust) and steve watson – initially as the picnic boys, but then expanding into variations different permutations on their own tv eye label.
the hyphen-ears was the combination of smiths’ solo alias hyphen-smythe along with steve watsons legacy of ears, and they released several tape-only releases under this name in the early 1980s, though say yes to apes (with faigan and others) were their most well-known outfit.
picks in bold

  • garden of lycanthropy ep [1984 tv eye]
  • what are stars? stars are what separates us from the animals you sonovabitch [1984 tv eye]

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