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The Portage


Late 1980’s project featuring Nux Vomica‘s Lawrence Kennett (aka Lawrence Lens) and Lisa Preston on the recorded EP, which later expanded to a 5-piece with future members of The Puddle Vikki Wilkinson (bass) and Norman Dufty (guitar) with Nux Vomica’s Chris Small (drums) filling out the line-up.

The bands recordings have a loose, jangly vibe with a cheerful sloppiness to them, along the lines of influential US indie group Beat Happening:

The sole EP features 2 songs that previously turned up on Nux Vomica’s live compilation ‘Live ’85 – ’87‘. The Portage (along with Nux Vomica) are lined up for an expanded reissue on Christchurch vinyl revivalist Leather Jacket Records.

Chris Small passed away in 2016.



  • Thirteen; Thirteen EP (1988, Valis, VALIS02)


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