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The McGoohans


Christchurch-based punky proto-grunge outfit that formed after the dissolution of Ian Blenkinsop’s Drowning Is Easy, a 4-piece that featured Blenkinsop along with future Scorched Earth Policy band-mate Mick Elborado, Craig Davison and Andrew Valance.

Blenkinsop formed the first line-up of the McGoohans with Davison resuming his drumming role and George Churton replacing Mick on bass in 1983 – though Davison was later replaced by Churtons’ brother Darren (essentially forming the original incarnation of the Soundbites line-up), and then Norman Dufty (later of the Puddle) in 1984. George Churton would end up singing lead vocals on half of their recordings.

By late 1984 Susan Heney had joined the band as bassist (leaving both Ian and George to concentrate on guitar), and the band recorded and released an EP and album on Campbell McLays’ Onset/Offset label. though the band had soon faded away, Churton later resurfaced as an author of several seminal accounts on the New Zealand underground scene, particularly notable is his excellent history of New Zealand punk ‘Have You Checked The Children?’.



  • The McGoohan Touch (1985, Onset/Offset, PRA2312)
  • Ultra-Violet 7″ EP (1985, Onset/Offset)


4 thoughts on “The McGoohans”

  1. I’m not sure why the word chaotic is used to describe Drowning Is Easy? Who gave you this write up? There wasn’t anything chaotic about it.

  2. Sorry Ian, I wrote this years ago and I’m not sure why I came to that conclusion. Good to hear from you.

  3. Oi buggers! Remember me ! Peta the Boot !
    I too played in the Mc Goohans with Big George and Bill Direen !!!! Luv the memories xxx

  4. Remember we cut a 45 too….Big George me and this thin bloke in a polyester brown suit-who was he now?Got to be ’82-’83….we played parties,garages and homes and even the battle of the bands in the now destroyed Star and Garter on Barbadoes st…..and the Fire House…

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