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Matt Alien

Matt Alien, ex-Christchurch rok outlaw, ex-Auckland rok-pack leader, now basing himself out of the Sydney wastelands in OZstralia..
Here he fronts up up with his third solo album in the 10+ year period in which he’s been dabbling in solo recording, concurrently with whatever rock rumble gang (Hi-Tone Destroyers/Black Panthers/Slavetrader), he’s been attaching his reckless riffing personality to….rn
All of Mister Alien’s preferred rok legends extend influences here, be it Kiss/T-Rex/Rolling Stones/Dead Moon/Sabbath/ Thin Lizzy/Motorhead..
10 tracks birthed in the bedroom, but could still be easily struttted live in any scuzzy venue in the omniverse..
A touch of electronic twiddling even crops up here…is this a case of such artists as Chrome/Can/Suicide also being imbibed on the Alien Lissening menu??rn– Andrew Tolley of Kato Records

picks in bold

  • Matt outta hellrn
  • Fuck Blues [2008 Kato]

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