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The Superettes


Auckland punk group formed by Jed Town who eventually morphed into The Features (and eventually Fetus Productions). One of the many Zwines (Auckland’s original dedicated Punk venue) punk groups that sprung up between 1977 and 1979, with Pinker, Kean and Stillwell also in fellow group City Slitz; who never recorded but were immortalised as the subject of a song by Citizen Band.

Though not on the original AK79 compilation, their track ‘Stage‘ was included on at least 1 unofficial expanded reissue:

Zerox released the 3 song retrospective 7″ ‘Stage’ in 2007.

[The Sueperettes] morphed into The Features after the departure of bassist Paul Kean to Chris Knox’s ascendant Toy Love and the recruitment of singer Karel Van Bergen (ex-Primmers) and bassist Chris Orange (ex-Terroways).

The Features: Nailing punk to the post



  • Stage 7″ EP (2007, Zerox)


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