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Surface Of The Earth


3 piece featuring Paul Toohey, later of K-Group – freeform Wellington-based experimentation using:

Synth drones, guitars and mutilated electronic debris to create a sound space where layers of distortion, hum and buzz hang like veils in the air, each disrupting the aural view of the layer beneath, without completely obscuring it from audibility.

Bruce Russell

Described as inexplicably the most drone underground act around (Wolf Eyes and Sun O))) stand aside), Surface Of The Earths’ recordings move at a pace so slow that you’d wonder why they ever released singles.

Surface of the Earth – 338

Bruce Russell’s well-respected Corpus Hermeticum label reissued the debut as a CD in 1997.



  • Surface Of The Earth (1995, World Resources)
  • ‘4.02’/’4.55′ 7″ Lathe-Cut Single (1995, World Resources)
  • ‘Shield’/’Corridor’ 7″ Lathe-Cut Single (1997, World Resources)
  • Interference (1997, Fusetron, FUSE020)
  • ‘338’/’Province’ 7″ single (1997, Fusetron, FUSE021)


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