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Surface Of The Earth

3 piece featuring Paul Toohey, later of K-Group – freeform Wellington-based experimentation using:

Synth drones, guitars and mutilated electronic debris to create a soundspace where layers of distortion, hum and buzz hang like veils in the air, each disrupting the aural view of the layer beneath, without completely obscuring it from audibility
– Bruce Russell

Described as inexplicably the most drone underground act around (Wolf Eyes and Sun O))) stand aside), Surface Of The Earths’ recordings move at a pace so slow that you’d wonder why they ever released singles..

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Surface Of The Earth Cassette [World Resources]
  • ‘4.02’/’4.55′ 7″ Lathe-Cut Single [World Resources]
  • ‘Shield’/’Corridor’ 7″ Lathe-Cut Single [World Resources]
  • Surface Of The Earth Double-Lp Re-Issue [World Resources]
  • Interference [Fusetron]
  • Surface Of The Earth Cd Re-Issue [1997 Corpus Hermeticum Hermes021]


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