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Don’t Make Noise


Christchurch free-noise group featuring future Breathing Cage bandmates Greg Malcolm and Michael Kime, plus Into the Void‘s Paul Sutherland and the drums of John Kennedy.

Fragile and considered gauzy bits alternate with trashy rockist shuffles, Sandoz Lab-esque & Art Ensemblish ‘little instruments’, samples, wailing amps and hissy-crackling Moondog minimalism. Thirty minute B-side live at the Robert McDougall is astonishingly accomplished, complex and riveting — the type of improvisation which gets audiences asking if it’s a composed piece. 

Don’t Make Noise – This is the Place (Dunedin Sound Tapes)

The improvisational group self-released two cassettes in 1988-89. After Malcolm’s venture in a more pop direction with Rheineck Rock Award winning group Breathing Cage, he was soon living in Berlin and performing improv and free-noise across Europe.



  • Don’t Make Noise cassette (1988)
  • This is the Place cassette (1989)


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