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Christchurch based three piece featuring Failsafe’s Rob Maye, Kevin Stokes and Stephen Birss. The band was formed out of the ashes of 1986 – 87 band Heartland featuring all three members. Birss and Stokes going on to work on My Wild Violet, with Mayes eventually rejoining the band in early 1988.

The band performed under the moniker of Candy Crush and performed twice in support of Bailter Space and Jean-Paul Sartre Experience before Mayes left for a world tour as The Bats sound engineer.

Just prior to Mayes may departure the band recorded 5 songs, one (‘When I touch You’) being included on the bands first release the hold touch EP in late 1988.

Both Mayes and Stokes were local sound engineers so the band recorded and produced all their own work. Mayes also designed all the bands artwork and released and distributed their material on his own label.

Lead track “If only i could hold you once again” make NZ play lists and charts including national television’s CV campus radio chart.


  • Rob Mayes (Bass/Guitar, 1987 – 1990)
  • Kevin Stokes (Guitar/Vocals, 1987 – 1990)
  • Stephen Birss (Drums, 1987 – 1990)
  • Andrew Kirr (Drums)
  • Pete Thomas (Drums, 1996)
  • Tracey Tompkins (Drums, 1996)


  • Hold Touch cassette (1988, Failsafe Records, SAFE009)
  • Promise cassette (1989, Failsafe Records, SAFE010
  • Out of Hand / Finally It’s Time (1995, Failsafe Records, SAFE031 / 032)
  • EPs (Compilation 2005, Failsafe Records, SAFE074)
  • Waiting for Splashdown (2006, Failsafe Records, FR001CD)



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