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The National Library of New Zealand: Be Heard Forever

The National Library of New Zealand can help you preserve your music forever.

By sending your music to the National Library’s Legal Deposit team, you guarantee it will be looked after, stored properly, and available to future generations of New Zealanders long after you’re gone.

Here’s what happens!:
When you submit your music to The National Library of New Zealand through Legal Deposit, well list your music in the National Bibliography. This document is consulted by libraries and purchasers when making purchasing decisions. Having your music listed will raise the visibility of your band and its music.

Your music will be permanently stored, carefully preserved and made available for future generations. Your contribution helps shape New Zealands musical landscape and gives future generations a more complete picture of our nations musical heritage.

In the future, when formats such as CDs or DVDs become obsolete, the National Library’s digital archiving capabilities will mean music in its collections could be accessed regardless of its original physical format. Essentially, by depositing music at National Library, musicians and producers will be immortalised.

It is our goal to connect New Zealanders to their documentary heritage by providing quality services and programmes. We aim to create a comprehensive collection of New Zealands published material: books, journals, music, even digital objects!

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