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Amy Racecar

Biography Matt Emery (Vocals and Keyboards) formed pop-via-hardcore group Amy Racecar in Napier in 2001 with Mike Crook, Gary Venn and Rebecca Truimvist. Subsequently he moved to Hamilton and the group went through an array of line-up changes, bring out… Read More »Amy Racecar


Biography Auckland based 2-piece electronic instrumental Band (i.e. they play live electronic instrumentation with no computers). The group formed in Grey Lynn in 1998, with Bev taking up drum machines and a sampler and Hamish using loops to compliment his… Read More »Avotor

Able Tasmans

Biography Top-class jangly or even baroque-pop auckland band featuring the talents of Leslie Jonkers, Peter Keen, Craig Mason, Jane Dodd, Ronald Young and led By Graeme Humphreys. One of the longest lasting Flying Nun Records bands, the single ‘Hold Me… Read More »Able Tasmans


Biography ‘A.M.’ is my most eclectic project. The seeding ground for all the others actually, which have generally grown out of a.m. When I find a particular sound that I want to pursue. A.M. is mainly ‘drone’ and ‘noise’ stuff,… Read More »A.M.


Biography Formed in Dunedin in 1996, later moved to Auckland – but with members moving overseas they split in 2003. A couple of albums, an EP and some compilation appearances with all 3 sharing instruments (though Mark was the drummer).… Read More »Alphaplan

Ape Management

Weird old Christchurch hard/sludge rock act who put out a few releases in the mid to late 90s. Made up of prominent poster artist Rock Hardman, Brother Love, Ken Mexted, Dave Clarke, and a revolving crowd of Bass players.


Biography Approximate time period – 1982 – 1983, Alien were comprised of John Kelcher (Sneaky Feelings), Tucker, and Nick Hall. They were particularly of interest because of their moody melody tinged music, and reasonably outstanding in their song writing. The… Read More »Alien

Atonal Death

Biography An alias of Apoplexy‘s Peter Wright, utilized during the late 90’s (often for treated guitar pieces). Members Peter Wright (Guitar/Production/Electronics) Discography Olympic / Duress (Parts 1 & 2) 7″ Lathe EP (1998, Apoplexy, APX01) Plasma Cassette (1998, Apoplexy, APX02) Hinter… Read More »Atonal Death


Biography Originally performed as Art and Duty, a name borrowed from Wellington band Beat Rhythm Fashion‘s song of the same name. The band comprised of Andrew Naylor, Rob Kitson (also Of Clients), Rob Mayes (Dolphin, Throw, Springloader), Rick Tindall (Johnnies)… Read More »AD


Biography Wellington 5-piece in the rock/metal/prog vein (not to be confused with the British electronic act of the same name) who self-released their debut EP in 2000. Members Discography Links  

Kyle M. Adcock

Biography Dunedin musician with 2 Peter King Lathe releases to his name. Members Kyle M. Adcock (1995 – 1996) Discography Mouse-trapped: demos in disguise lathe-cut (1995, Self-Released) Girl in the green beret 7″ lathe-cut (1996, Self-Released) Links  

The Androidss

Biography The Androidss were world famous in Christchurch. This band was very important on the local scene for it’s melodic post punk Rock/Pop sound, a la Television. They were a regular performing outfit at the Gladstone. They reportedly had a… Read More »The Androidss