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Auckland based 2-piece electronic instrumental Band (i.e. they play live electronic instrumentation with no computers).

The group formed in Grey Lynn in 1998, with Bev taking up drum machines and a sampler and Hamish using loops to compliment his past as a punk drummer (rock’n’roll is still a big element of their music).

Former Meterman drummer Jasper De Roos took over the live drumming role on their 2003 release ‘Billion’, put out on Kog side-label Midium, and they have toured with the likes of Jakob.


  • Bev Painter (Drum Machine/Sampler, 1998 -)
  • Hamish Walker (Loops, 1998 -)
  • Jasper De Roos (Drums, 2003)


  • Looming (1999, Kog Transmissions)
  • Illooming Maxi Single (2001, Kog Transmissions)
  • Wait and See 7″ (2002, Self-Released)
  • Billion (2003, Midium Records, MID008)
  • Selected Tracks CDr Sampler (2004, Midium Records)
  • Nothing But Surrender 7″ Single (2005, Midium Records, MID011)
  • Freezeover 8″ Lathe (Self–Released)



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