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Audible 3

Biography Improvised electronic music from Aucklanders Paul Winstanley, John Kennedy, Marc Chesterman, with Clinton Williams of Omit adding contributions to their self-titled CD release. Members Paul Winstanley (Effects/Bass/Turntables, 1999 – 2006) John Kennedy (Drum Machine/Percussion, 1999 – 2006) Marc Chesterman (Sampler, 1999… Read More »Audible 3


Biography Christchurch all-girl pop-rock outfit from the mid 2000’s. Very chirpy and upbeat, they’re a welcome change to the male-dominated bravado of Christchurch live acts, and seem to have a good grasp of melody and dynamics. Members Discography Links  

All Red Cables

Biography Prolific underground muso Andrew Spittle’s (Dating Godot) latest project, incorporating guitar and Spittle’s lyrical touch. Members Andrew Spittle (2004 – 2010) Discography Under Volcano Fields: All the Hits 2004 – 2010 (2012, Epic Sweep, ES019) Links Discogs Entry  


Biography Hugely prolific duo CJA (aka Clayton Noone) and Sugar Jon, who have released a never-ending stack of albums for the likes of Root Don Lonie For Cash, PseduoArcana, Own Recordings, Freedom From… Members Clayton Noone (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals/Drums/Tapes, 1993? -) Sugar Jon (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals/Drums/Clarinette,… Read More »Armpit

Alpha Cast

Biography 3-piece Dunedin indie-pop outfit who formed in 2003 and quickly put out an EP on Failsafe Records. Comprised of Mike McLeod, Ed Lonsdale and Chris Butchard – the band has been described as relating strongly to the Dunedin sound of… Read More »Alpha Cast

Auckland Walk

Biography 80’s synth-pop group with an album and a single on major-label WEA in 1983. Bassist Warwick Keay also appeared on recordings by Flight X-7, The Knobz, whilst drummer Edie Olsen has been on recordings by The Instigators, Dance Exponents,… Read More »Auckland Walk


Biography Christchurch black metal outfit started in 2000 by Okoi Jones and Cam Sinclair, with Brad Kneale and Nik Coulter  joining later to cement the current line-up, who recorded the debut release The Ethos Elite EP in 2003 (after an earlier… Read More »Aphelon

The Axemen

Biography A well-known, yet thoroughly underground troop that often swelled in numbers (sometimes up to as many as 10 members in the mid 1980’s). The group have been known for their artistic endeavors as well as their music – with… Read More »The Axemen

All Fall Down

Biography Christchurch 5 piece (from the mid to late 80’s) originally started life as a 4 piece with Blair Parkes, Campbell Taylor, Easther McNaughton and Brett Lupton. Lupton was later replaced by Bert Aldridge and the band also acquired Stephen… Read More »All Fall Down

Atomic Blossom

Biography The brainchild of Christchurch musician Dean Karena who first came to local prominence with his previous band Naked Lunch in 1990. [Atomic Blossom had] their first performance at an outdoor concert at the Dux de Lux in Christchurch, first up… Read More »Atomic Blossom

The Ashvins

Biography a Palmerston North rock band from the mid 90’s. Had a couple EPs, then ran out of momentum, their collected material released on the posthumous self-titled album on Spotty Dog Records. Members Luke Badger (Guitar/Vocals, 1995) Paul Hirst (Bass/Vocals,… Read More »The Ashvins


Biography Wellington based rock four-piece formed in 2002 by ex-Canvas front-man Michael Carpinter. Basically a power-pop garage-rock band in the traditional sense, and not a million miles from Carpinters’ former band. Members Michael Carpinter (Guitar/Vocals, 2002 – 2010) Craig Mason (2002 –… Read More »Autozamm

Amy Racecar

Biography Matt Emery (Vocals and Keyboards) formed pop-via-hardcore group Amy Racecar in Napier in 2001 with Mike Crook, Gary Venn and Rebecca Truimvist. Subsequently he moved to Hamilton and the group went through an array of line-up changes, bring out… Read More »Amy Racecar

Alpaca Brothers

Biography Dunedin based outfit comprised of Nick Wilkinson, Bruce Blucher and a young Steve Cournane. They were fast furious guitar [band] with thumping bass, made one EP and had a great song called ‘The Infinite Tick’. Later they became Trash… Read More »Alpaca Brothers


Biography Auckland based 2-piece electronic instrumental Band (i.e. they play live electronic instrumentation with no computers). The group formed in Grey Lynn in 1998, with Bev taking up drum machines and a sampler and Hamish using loops to compliment his… Read More »Avotor