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All Fall Down


Christchurch 5 piece (from the mid to late 80’s) originally started life as a 4 piece with Blair Parkes, Campbell Taylor, Easther McNaughton and Brett Lupton.

Lupton was later replaced by Bert Aldridge and the band also acquired Steven MacIntyre.

The band were a favorite support act for visiting Flying Nun bands and eventually released an EP on that label. The band did have a knack for a good melodic hook, but had an off putting feyness to them occasionally.

MacIntyre straightened the band out a lot with his well crafted simple tunes, perfectly captured in the wonderful actifed blues.

Parks and Aldridge went on to form Creeley, with Sneaky Feelings man John Kelcher, MacIntyre left for Asian worlds, Campbell moved into video production.


  • Blair Parkes (Guitar/Vocal)
  • Campbell Taylor (Bass)
  • Easther McNaughton (Violin/Vocals)
  • Brett Lupton (Drums)
  • Bert Aldridge (Drums)
  • Steven MacIntyre (Guitar/Vocals)




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