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Auckland Walk


80’s synth-pop group with an album and a single on major-label WEA in 1983. Bassist Warwick Keay also appeared on recordings by Flight X-7, The Knobz, whilst drummer Edie Olsen has been on recordings by The Instigators, Dance Exponents, and even The Bilders.


  • Warwick Keay (Bass, 1983)
  • Michael Morris (Keyboards, 1983)
  • Eddie Olsen (Drums, 1983)
  • Carey Peterson (Vocals, 1983)
  • Damien Saunders (Guitar, 1983)


  • Rhythmic Tendencies (1983, WEA, WALKA001)
  • I Wasn’t Thinking 7″ Single (1983, WEA, WALK001)



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