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Able Tasmans


Top-class jangly or even baroque-pop auckland band featuring the talents of Leslie Jonkers, Peter Keen, Craig Mason, Jane Dodd, Ronald Young and led By Graeme Humphreys.

One of the longest lasting Flying Nun bands, the single ‘Hold Me Pt. 1’ is a genuine Nun classic.

Sharing vocals across the group (with Peter Keen taking lead), the Tasman’s have a varied output, always with a fun or quirky aspect, incorporating many instruments and musicians from outside the group and certainly maturing as a band through-out their decade long existence.

In 1999 Flying Nun honored their back catalog with a tastefully compiled compilation Songs From The Departure Lounge.


  • Leslie Jonkers (Piano / Vocals)
  • Peter Keen (Lead Vocals)
  • Craig Mason (Drums)
  • Jane Dodd (Bass / Vocals)
  • Ronald Young (Synths)
  • Graeme Humphreys (Piano / Organ)


  • Tired Sun Ep (1985, Flying Nun Records, FN043)
  • ‘Buffalos’ 7″ Single (1986, Flying Nun Records, FN063)
  • A Cup Of Tea And A Lie Down (1986, Flying Nun Records, FN075 / Fne18)
  • Hey Spinner! (1990, Flying Nun Records, FN162)
  • Somebody Ate My Planet (1992, Flying Nun Records, FN233)
  • The Shape Of Dolls Ep (1993, Flying Nun Records, FN280)
  • Store In A Cool Place (1996, Flying Nun Records, FN312)
  • Songs From The Departure Lounge (Compilation 1999, Flying Nun Records, FN404)



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