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Amy Racecar


Matt Emery (Vocals and Keyboards) formed pop-via-hardcore group Amy Racecar in Napier in 2001 with Mike Crook, Gary Venn and Rebecca Truimvist. Subsequently he moved to Hamilton and the group went through an array of line-up changes, bring out several EPs and an LP for Hit Your Head Music before concluding around 2008.

The group recorded a track for the Shaun Smith Tribute on Yak Records and toured New Zealand with Body Corporate in 2006.


  • Matt Emery (Vocals / Keyboards, 2001 – 2008?)
  • Mike Crook (Guitar / Drums)
  • Gary Venn (Bass / Guitar)
  • Rebecca Truimvist (Drums)
  • Alec Withers (Drums)
  • Karl Smith (Bass / Vocals)
  • Ben Thompson (Drums / Vocals)
  • Chris Diprose (Drums)
  • Frankie Ryan (Keyboards)
  • Ashwin Singh (Keyboards)
  • Gareth Bradley (Guitar)
  • Todd Mohi (Bass)
  • Mike Berry (Drums)
  • Matt Scheurich (Percussion)
  • Dwayne Diack (Bass)
  • Gareth Reddington (Bass)
  • Anthony Reu (Drums)
  • Chris Nation (Viola / Cello)


  • Aluvium EP (2003)
  • People on Fire EP (2004, Hit Your Head Music)
  • Endeavours EP (2005)
  • Ephemera (2006)
  • Conclusions (2007)



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