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Trimasterbate was a ridiculous Wellington Eletro-Sex-Pop act from Gemma Syme and (Holiday with Friends and Dianna Rozz) with Nicola Higham and Sasha Rainbow, plus Matt Beauchamp-Buck (Holiday with Friends and Crackhouse 5) handling production. The group met while doing a fashion show at Wellington’s Thistle Hall for Nicola Higham’s fashion line in 2005 or 2006.

Nicola had a whole bunch of 80s leotards, so I guess Intent was to just do impromptu 80s exercise routines around Wellington at night time. It made people and us happy.

We were out with hoola-hoops one night and we danced up to this church in Mt Vic in Wellington. There were 4 of us (Nicola, Sasha, me and Wai) and we were drinking and dancing, and one of us just said the name.

Our motto was “spread the love and love yourself”.

Gemma Syme

The groups first show was at a warehouse party organised by synth-pop group Charlie Ash. Matt Beauchamp-Buck (also a member of Holiday with Friends) provided beats on his Casio keyboard. The group continued to play shows around Wellington – often with So So Modern, or ‘show downs’ with Buck’s rap crew Crackhouse 5.

The group provided gang vocals on two 7″ singles in So So Modern‘s Friends and Fires series, plus a CD-r which was distributed at live shows.

We kinda had a forever expanding and contracting line-up of people – Nicola, Sasha, Emily, me, Davina, Nicola’s flatmate Anika (?), Matt Buck… Luke ‘Disasteradio‘ Rowell helped us with some of our tracks for performance. Sasha, Nicola and I wrote the original songs – Classics like “Gay Porn” and “Itty Iitty Committee”.

Gemma Syme

Original member Wai sadly passed away at a young age.



  • Trimasterbate CD-r (self-released)


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