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Matt Middleton

Matt Middleton, otherwise known as Crude, a founding member of the Aesthetics and now part of the live Spacedust ensemble, Middleton is an increasingly productive guy, with a distinct approach to lo-fidelity, trash-electro or screaming noise – Middleton has traversed a catelogue of genres, and brings a distinct sound to every style he tries.


  • Clarinet Exercises 7″ Lathe-Cut Ep [Dirtlove]

  • ‘Bradstreet’/’Love Theme 03’ 7″ Lathe-Cut [Dirtlove]

  • ‘Please Pass’/’Crude Kingston’ 7″ Lathe-Cut [Dirtlove]

  • ‘Sexy Lady’/’Society’ 7″ Lathe-Cut [Dirtlove]

  • Turbo Spunk Triple 8″ Lathe-Cut Ep [1996 Crawlspace]


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