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The one-man band that is Matt Middleton. Using a variety of instruments (all the usuals along with clarinet and studio buffoonery) Middleton produced a bunch of self-release tapes in the early 90s, before Flying Nun released the Inner City Guitar Perspectives compilation in 1996.

Matt has since made a bit of an underground name for himself due to an exorbitant release schedule and a oddly compelling noise-tainted lo-fi and electronic manipulation.

Middleton landed in Christchurch (from Invercargill) in the mid-90s, befriending drummer-supremo and general guy-in-the-know on underground music Pat Faigan (aka Duane Zarakov) – eventually becoming a member of the live Space Dust crew.

Again relocating – this time to Dunedin, and forming the rock-assault squad The Aesthetics Middleton grew more and more prolific, with American label Mental Telemetry releasing a series of his CDr’s.



  • The World is so you Have Something to Stand on Cassette (1994)
  • Notes from the Micro-community Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • We Shall Nurture Solipsists Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Crn9143 Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Dominion as Delusion Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Sottogoverno Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Nuevold Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Kama ka z Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Order Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Gpi Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • End of the World Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Exp Heavy Metal Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Scd-2 Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Anorexic Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Unlimited Credits Cassette (Dirtlove Records)
  • Bionica 7″ ep (Crawlspace SPACE004)
  • ‘Imbroglio’/’Quork’ 7″ Lathe-cut Single (1995 Trinder TM04) Rn
  • ‘Fear Part 2’/’Lexican 3’ 7″ Lathe-cut Single (Dirtlove) Rn
  • Inner City Guitar Perspectives (1996 Flying nun FN363)
  • Worlds Worst Saxophone Solos vol. 48 8″ Lathe-cut (Crawlspace) Rn
  • Refute a Myth Society (1997)
  • Sax Sothis (1998)
  • Beta Test Lathe cut (1998 a Stabbies and the Rocket Recording)
  • Artless Intent Signatures vol. 1 Cd-r (Mental Telemetry)
  • Bank Cd-r (Mental Telemetry AI001)
  • Catelogue of Meaninglessness Cd-r (Mental Telemetry AI002)
  • Artless Intent Signatures vol. 1 Cd-r (Mental Telemetry AI003)
  • Controlled Payment Technologies Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Intelsat 707 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • C3 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Death Satellite 2 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Stalino Cybernetics Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Sci-fi Sound Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Mikro-tek Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Cyp3a5 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Proliferation of Drones Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Web ep 1 (the Stray) Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Web ep 2 and 3 (Stand Your Ground) Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Auto Series Volumes one to Nine 9 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Raytheon Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Stored Value System Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Fasb 52 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Capitalist Experiment Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Nasdaq Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Mars Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Datastream Cowboy Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Popular Source Codes Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Slow Code Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Auto Series Volumes 1 to 9 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Special Edition Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Informatik 105 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Intelsat 103 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • New Fundamentals Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Resistant Protein Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Sax Serpentine Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Intelsat 103 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Intelsat 103 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Intelsat 103 Cd-r (Dirtlove Records)
  • Sax Serpentine (Remix) Cd-r (Mental Telemetry AI004)


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