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The Centre Will Hold


Melodic Christchurch indie-pop trio who released a catchy and incredibly brief 5 song EP, along with a handful of tunes straight to student radio that subsequently turned up on the ‘Indie Hit Disc‘ radio promotion CDs. Holloway and Bycroft would later form The Undercurrents.

Released 3 songs to student radio only – ‘Splint’, ‘At the Centre’ and ‘We Go Down’, and then a 5 track, 6 minute EP called the ‘A Flat Pop Songs’ (‘A Flat Pop Songs One’, ‘..Two’ ‘..Three’ and ‘..Four’ and ‘The Key’) which we made in Nathan’s lounge on the little four track and Mike Brassel (aka Mike Hex) sent it out on Noseflute for us.

The Centre Will Hold




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