Java Coffee House

Also known as:

Location: 219 High Street, Central Christchurch

Current Status: Demolished post-earthquake, replaced by commercial buildings

Active as a live music venue: 1990’s – 2000’s

Bar Manager: –



Capacity: –

All-Ages: Yes

Open-plan two-story Cafe on a (previously) busy corner in central Christchurch – Java was a quirky place with a colorful interior, good coffee and food. When Cafe’s were starting to explode in the late 90’s, Java was one of the places to be for young people in Christchurch.

Java Coffee House Interior

As a result they pumped a lot of good music and put on the occasional live show, with a handful of musicians working behind the counter over the years. Java was also heavily tied to local dance music, promoting locals raves alongside the original Cosmic Corner (which was just down High Street).

The Cafe was heavily damaged in the February 2011 Earthquake and eventually demolished, now replaced by a commercial building next to Strangers Lane.


2011: Damaged in the Canterbury Earthquakes, Demolished in July 2011.

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