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Dave Mulcahy‘s first post-Jean Paul Sartre Experience band was the unfortunately short-lived Superette, who sprung up in Auckland in 1993. With Mulcahy taking guitar and vocal duties, he pulled together former Blue Marbles duo Ben Howe (Bass) and Greta Anderson (Drums/Backing Vox) to record the rough, thematically scary, but thoroughly charming Rosepig EP. From here the band became known as one of the better live pop-rock acts around New Zealand, and where one of the defining bands (along with the 3Ds) that turned me on to New Zealand bands.


Hugely popular and influential New Zealand industrial rock act who emerged out of Palmerston North in 1979. Known for their grinding sound (a mix of noisy, scattered and angular guitar and eclectic electronic sounds) and one particularly visual music video – the incredible and universally banned ‘Affco’.


4-piece Christchurch hard-rock outfit who originally formed as Gluefist. Made a bit of an impact in the late 90s through to 2002 with a few singles (particularly ‘Bullet In My Hand’, which received significant radio play) and a few high-profile support slots.


Nick Bollinger (The NZ Listener): “Dunedin based troubadour with a four track writes witty commentaries on society, love, and discount shopping. His guitar, casio and drum machine provide more colour than one might expect.”

Silent Decree

Really dark and ominous Auckland Goth/Post-Punk 4-piece formed in Howick in 1981. Released an EP on Paul Lurkers Industrial Tapes label before splitting up in 1983. Vocalist Patrick Waller would go on to form The Kiwi Animal, while Andrew Moon was in Goblin Mix.

Surface Of The Earth

3 piece featuring Paul Toohey, later of K-Group – freeform Wellington-based experimentation using:

Synth drones, guitars and mutilated electronic debris to create a soundspace where layers of distortion, hum and buzz hang like veils in the air, each disrupting the aural view of the layer beneath, without completely obscuring it from audibility
– Bruce Russell

Skank Attack

Wellington 3-piece from the mid 1980’s. Skirted the line between underground and pop without ever fitting in to either camp, despite an album produced by Nick Roughan (The Skeptics) and Brent McLachlan (The Gordons).

The Stereo Bus

The pop outgrowth of Ex-Christchurch song-writer Dave Yetton (Ex Jean-Paul Sartre Experience), who’s backing band has included a couple generations of well-known kiwi performers, including Pluto’s rhythm section at one point.


Sedative was an ambitious attemp to form an improvisational project utilising primal-industrial sound textures. Featuring Brendon Mably, Ed Wilson and Nigel Cooper; Sedative only lasted roughly the length of 1997 but managed to leave behind a half hour recording, utilising… Read More »Sedative

Stayfree Carefree

Terribly-named Auckland rock power-trio from the guitar of Julian Reid (who released a single on Wildside with his first band Braintree), along with his twin brothers A.B. and Cymon Reid (both formerly of Garden Shed) – who both joined the… Read More »Stayfree Carefree

The Stepford 5

Biography One of the earlier Christchurch acid-rock groups of Celia Patel (aka Celia Pavlova / Mancini) along with twins Sharon and Joanne Billesdon and Reta La Quesne. Forming after Celia and Rita’s former group   The Axel Grinders, the Stepford 5… Read More »The Stepford 5

Sticky Filth

Craig Radford, Chris Snowden and Dave Hunt – Aucklands top-billing 2nd generation punk outfit. Renowned for their live shows and sub-par recordings, Sticky Filth still continue to re-unite and play killer live shows. Discography Weep Woman Weep [1987? Ima Hitt… Read More »Sticky Filth

The Sprogs

James Govan, Donald Ferns, Richard Wallce and Eddie Wilson. Discography Wonton Tenacity Ep [1994 Ug Uug003] Links BandCamp Page Photo’s on Flickr

She’s Insane

Former Christchurch rock outfit comprised of Maria Due (Guitar / Vox), Tasha French (Vocals, Drums), Pete Thomson (Guitar) and Adam Gallagher (Bass – replaced original bassist Kerry Wellman) who drew a lot of attention with their debut on Yellow-Eye –… Read More »She’s Insane