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So So Modern

Hip Wellington based synth and guitar troop – greatly exciting, fun and wacky group. often costumed and running through sets at breakneck pace, the group have a give it a go and home-production bent, distributing their own self-produced recordings (with art-work from the very talented Neon Sleep), hand-crafted pins, stickers and posters.

Vocalist Grayson Gilmour released his own solo album in 2006, with attention from the A Low Hum peeps – actually his third home-produced release after a duo of unofficial, teenage years releases.

Discography (picks in bold)

  • Ep0001 Cd-R Ep [2005 Self-Released Ep0001]
  • Frendz Cd-R Ep [2006 Self-Released Ep0002]
  • Friendly Fires [2007 Self-Released]


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