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4-piece Christchurch hard-rock outfit who made a bit of an impact in the late 90s through to 2002 with a few singles (particularly ‘Bullet In My Hand’, which received significant radio play) and a few high-profile support slots.

Championed by the Wildside alumni, Slim were Aaron Hogg (Ex-Pumpkinhead – Lead Vox / Gat), Scott Mason (Drums / Vox), Donald Mcclure (Bass / Vox) And Simon Meehan (Gat). Their debut EP was actually a joint release, with demo 3 songs supplied by Hogg’s former group Gluefist.

Slim were also connected to the ever-popular Salmonella Dub vocalist Tiki performing sound duties, as well as being front-man Hogg’s former band-mate in Braaspadeak. The album took a loooong time to come out, with several of the key tracks being pre-released singles from their earlier days, and slim broke up not too long after.


  • Aaron Hogg (Gluefist, Pumpkinhead, vocals / guitar)
  • Scott Mason (drums / vocals)
  • Donald Mcclure (bass / vocals)
  • Simon Meehan (guitar)



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