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Screaming Meemees

Excellent, and highly popular post-punk / new-wave pop act out of auckland in the early 80s. Achieved unprecedented success with the release of ‘See Me Go’, a lovely poppy early single in the distinct Mee Mees style that managed to… Read More »Screaming Meemees


Discography Split EP [2005 w/ Cherry Monsterr] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Solid Gold Hell

Brash Auckland rock outfit from the mid 90s featuring Glen Campbell, (former Jean-Paul Sartre Experience Member) Gary Sullivan, Matthew Heine, Colleen Brennan and Simon Cummings. Discography ‘Sugar Bag’/’Evil Cabaret’ 7″ Single [1994 Flying Nun Records Fn289] Swingin’ Hot Murder [1994… Read More »Solid Gold Hell


The duo of Antony Milton (aka AM) and Greg Larking, who play a clattering brew of experimental drone noise featuring guitar, violin etc. On “School Of Religious Studies” they take an abrasive approach to collaboration, and come out the other… Read More »Street

The Spies

Psych-influenced Wellington-based psuedo punk outfit that proved to be the starting point for legendary Puddle front-man George Henderson (Guitar / Vocals), along with Chris Plummer (Drums), Susan Ellis (Keys / Vocals) and Richard Sedger (Bass). With many song-writers in their… Read More »The Spies

She Camel Of God

Palmerston North based all-female drone outfit with a penchant for bass guitar feedback that featured Elise Bishop (Universal Joint). Discography Consequences Lathe-Cut Lp [Secret Safari 03cones] She Camel Of God Lathe-Cut Lp / Cassette [Secret Safari / Freedom From Ff0032]… Read More »She Camel Of God


Christchurch-based spacey rock troop who have been around quite a while, without ever really breaking past their strong Christchurch base. Although the group have cycled through a handful of bassists over time (the most recent being Pete Fleming – a… Read More »Slipstream

Shaky Hands

Exciting post-punk type group (ala the Mint Chicks) that formed out of the indie-rock leaning Nova Echo with former guitarist Nick Johnson taking over the reigns as vocalist from the departing Jason Schoushkoff. An exciting frontman known for his dramatic… Read More »Shaky Hands


Two-piece Christchurch instrumental outfit based around Danny Bare (Ex-Substandard / Shocking Pinks – Guitar) and Rustle Covini (Ex-Aesthetics – Drums), who originally formed as Electric Slipper in March 2004. Bare’s an enthusiastic Post-Rock and Krautrock fan, and Silo display a… Read More »Silo

Sleepy Age

Disco-pop indie-rock tunes from Christchurch’s own Josh Burgess (Guitar/Synth and Vocals, ex Bang! Bang! Eche!) with Josh Black (Bass, ex A Flight to Blackout), Julian Vares (Drums, Magic Eye) and more recently Charlie Ryder (Keyboards, Bang! Bang! Eche!). The group… Read More »Sleepy Age


Andrew Coy, Paul Morris and Matt Sanko. Discography Wide Load EP [1995 Spotty Dog Spots 005] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


The current alias of Stella Corkery, now firmly established in an ever-expanding Auckland punk scene (under the Girl Alliance.. err.. alliance) that includes the likes of the Coolies and Corkery’s White Saucer and Fake Purr). Initially recording a lathe-cut of… Read More »Sweetcakes


Discography Limited Edition Pink Cassette [Stink Magnetic Mag 02] Totally Limited Baby Blue Cassette [Stink Magnetic Mag 12] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Six Impossible Things

One of obscure folk-legend Bill Direen‘s very first recorded projects. Discography Six Impossible Things Ep [1981 Sausage] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr

Secret Safari

Much like Headshy, Secret Safari is essentially a lathe-cut only label, with connections to the unearthing underground resource and Paul Hirsts’ fine Teledu Records mail-order records website. Secret Safari was one of Hirst’s labels (along with the long-running Spotty Dog)… Read More »Secret Safari