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The Sproutts

Chris (vox, gtr, theremin) / Charlotte (electric vn, org) / Thomas (vox, electric vn, org) / Caleb (drums). Wellington-based 3-piece 60s / Dunedin-Sound influenced pop group. With 2 albums on Powertool records. Discography Flying Out of the Washing Machine [2005… Read More »The Sproutts

Space Dust

Biography A Christchurch institution of absent idols (only John Christoffels still resides in the garden city from the classic line-up), dating back to 1993 but seldom surfacing more than a single gig every couple of years. The group was original… Read More »Space Dust


Biography One-off 3-song 7″ on Flying Nun Records from King Losers’ Sean O’Reilly and the mysterious DD Mack (aka the artist Saskia Leek). Members Discography Links

Sugar Jon

Solo releases from Armpit‘s Sugar Jon. Discography The Pit Master [W/ Cja, Smokehouse Root Don Lonie For CashRdl017] 5 Hard Rock Solo Cassette [Root Don Lonie For CashRdl030] Butch Cassette [Root Don Lonie For CashRdl033] Aggro Lathe-Cut 7″ [Root Don… Read More »Sugar Jon

The Situations

Biography Formerly known as Devil Gate Drive, The Situations are a young South Auckland rock’n’roll 4-piece comprised of Glen, Stu, Sam and Brad. They got a lot of exposure New Zealand wide due to the 2004 Schools Tour, then promptly… Read More »The Situations

Shoes This High

Biography Arty post-punk band (originally out of Wellington, then Auckland) formed around Brent Hayward With Kevin Hawkins, Jessica Walker and Chris Plummer. Kevin Hawkins passed away in 1988. Members Discography Links

Sneaky Feelings

The Sneakies were a young and naive pop band discovering the world of music from a distinctly dunedin perspective. In original member Matthew Bannisters’ Positively George Street book, which describes their experience and neglectance to accept the ‘Dunedin Sound’ that… Read More »Sneaky Feelings


Biography Previously known as Nimrod and then Nimrodiabolique, this Dunedin indie-rock group took the name Suka after their first official release in 1995 (switching the album name for the band name). Suka – Dancing to Tibet Members Discography Links


Christchurch punk-ska. Discography Beer Pressure EP [199?] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


Wellington metal outfit formed in 1997 and comprised of Rhys Williams (Rhythm Guitar), Martin Gadd (Vocals), Peter Elliott (Drums), Steve Goodfellow (Bass) and Paul Mclaren (Lead/Rhythm Guitar). Discography In The Zone Ep [2002 Self-Released] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on… Read More »Shakhan


Discography Song For Suzie Cassette [1989 Onset/Offset S001] Links BandCamp Page LastFM Photo’s on Flickr


5-piece pop-punk / white-trash hip-hop outfit out of Auckland, admirable for their give-it-a-go home-brewed approach to music and video production (their self-produced ‘White-Trash’ video was a huge hit), but pretty throw-away when it comes to actual music. Steriogram have built… Read More »Steriogram


Auckland emo with Stefan Thompson (Ex-Migraine And Balance). Jay Dougrey, Christian Humphreys, Ryan Thomas, Stefan Thompson, Jeremy Toy. The band added second vocalist Milon for their 2004 album Say What You Want. Discography More Songs [1997 Kafuey] Fast Cars, Slow… Read More »Sommerset


Biography Brett Garrity, Colin Hartshorn, Stu Brown and Cliff Bateman. Garritty later went on to form the Stinkbuzz label with the Letterbox Lambs Jules Desmond. Members Discography Links