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5-piece pop-punk / white-trash hip-hop outfit out of Auckland, admirable for their give-it-a-go home-brewed approach to music and video production (their self-produced ‘White-Trash’ video was a huge hit), but pretty throw-away when it comes to actual music. Steriogram have built a pretty strong following with stupid songs and inventive videos, playing priority slots at the big-day out and even completing a successful American tour. I was highly unimpressed by the live show, but i guess they have a catchy appeal that goes beyond musicianship. With their release of their debut, they were signed to major-label American label records – and with the inventive ‘Walkie-Talkie Man’ video, they look set to do quite well for themselves.

Unfortunately their debut was a little under-whelming, the line-up of Tyson Kennedy (Vocals), Tim Youngson (Guitar), Brad (Guitar), Jared Wrennall (Drums/Vocals) and Jake Adams (Bass) barely scraping together the singles that got them signed (and to the MTV video awards) in the first place, propping up the album with 2nd-rate filler.


  • Schmack! [2004 Capitol 5936042]


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