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Dave Dobbyn

one of new zealands most successful singer/song-writers, dave dobbyn has been involved in a plethora of bands (the swingers, dd smash et all) and released a number of acclaimed albums of his own material over the last 30-odd years, accumulating… Read More »Dave Dobbyn

Dead Flowers

bryan bell (vox / gat), rob dollars (drums), riqi hadfield (gat / backing vox), darryn harkness (bass – replacing aaron carson, who had replaced david james in the mid 90s) and damon newton (lead guitar). big hair rock in a… Read More »Dead Flowers

Dead Pan Rangers

hamilton-based indie-pop outfit with a good reputation but little publicity. dating back to 1997 (originally called mystery machine), the band has released a couple of songs to the b-net stations, and in 2004 they’re releasing their sophmore release. Discography picks… Read More »Dead Pan Rangers

The Drugs

this drugs 8″ is very odd. one side sounds like a drowsy, panadeine forte-dosed archers of loaf. it’s kind of in that slightly oblique american acoustic stroke-and-plume manner, addled with a typically wellington hint of ‘wuh?’. the other side of… Read More »The Drugs

Devils Gate Drive

young rock’n’rollers from the south-of-auckland mcca that is papakura. their live show is sharp, if a little warn, and the band really managed to establish themselves in 2004 by touring simultaneously with stars-in-the-making the coolies, whilst taking part in the… Read More »Devils Gate Drive

Graeme Downes

a truely whimsical song-writer, with a douer, charasmatic voice and a penchant for creating lush, beautiful arrangements (thanks to heavy study’s in music composition and production. downes is one of new zealand’s truely great song-writer, though it took him some… Read More »Graeme Downes


auckland punk/hardcore outfit formed in 1997 by dave mcdermott (vocals), duncan long (guitar), dan smith (bass) and matt clark (drums), who released an album on elevenfiftyseven before splitting up, with members going on to evil priest and the bleeders. Discography… Read More »DSM


4-piece girl-pop group (with a token bloke thrown in to manly it up a little) formed during rockquest days in raglan, before relocating to the big smoke and releasing an ep on the new tea set records, with production by… Read More »Duchess

Drawing Room

from krkrkrk‘s website: “the drawing room marked a significant departure from david khan’s earlier work with the leonard nimoy & vaccine projects. gone were the machine-like constraints of electronic rythms and the distinctive sonic textures of droning, multi-layered guitars. in… Read More »Drawing Room

The Datsuns

emerging out of hamilton in the mid 90s, originally as the more pop ‘trinket’, the datsuns soon became the epitome of raucous rock’n’roll. with the release of the ‘super-gyration’ single and a strong tour ethic, the band produced a fervent… Read More »The Datsuns

Degrees K

former christchurch (later melbourne based) pop-rock 3-piece outfit who would describe themselves as having complicated melodies and soaring vocals. while true, there’s an element of emo pretentiousness i just can’t get past. they had a student radio hit back here… Read More »Degrees K

Dana Eclair

wellington based pop-rock outfit named after the now-late actor known for playing ‘pete’ on macgyver, and who’s real-life battle with blindness was written into the script. comprised of saul clifford (guitar / vocals), mark dryburgh (bass / vocals), achilles botes… Read More »Dana Eclair

Dog Tooth Violet

palmerston north punk outfit with a 7″ lathe-cut ep on spotty dog, and featured on one of their hard of hearing compilations. Discography picks in bold hard of hearing no. 3 cassette [1995 w/ paranymph / vortex victims spotty dog… Read More »Dog Tooth Violet

Deja Voodoo

Biography Auckland pseudo-metal band in the spinal tap tradition. Infamous as the backing band of terrible, short-lived ‘stunt’ show Back Of The Y Masterpiece Theatre. they actually have decent songs! I’ve caught them live a couple of times and seen… Read More »Deja Voodoo


from krkrkrk‘s website: “enduring from late 1997 to early 2000, this avant-garde trio (justine sharp, david khan & peter wright) produced some of krkrkrk’s most impressive industrial/ambient, electro-acoustic music. like many of the label’s later projects, dis de-emphasized rock overtones… Read More »Dis