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Dough Boys

solo-alias of former member/song-writer of the wait tony doe. Discography picks in bold not a machine in sight [ode]

Delaney Davidson

Biography Skin-hitter, accordionist, synthersizist, guitarist, bassist, trombonist, harmonica-player, musical saw-player, singer, songsmith, chef, painter & explorer…Delaney Davidson is not very well known in his homeland of New Zealand. This eccentric world traveling troubadour left our shores as a teenager, came… Read More »Delaney Davidson


old synth and computer gear hound, video-game fanatic and general party-guy luke rowell. a one-man band encompassing retro-eletro synths, groove-box arrangement and fucking great beats, often based on old video games, disasteradio are a quickly ascending force in the wellington… Read More »Disasteradio!