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Drawing Room

from krkrkrk‘s website: “the drawing room marked a significant departure from david khan’s earlier work with the leonard nimoy & vaccine projects. gone were the machine-like constraints of electronic rythms and the distinctive sonic textures of droning, multi-layered guitars. in their place was a more spacious & intimate music, created with the aid of an ensoniq asr-10 sampling keyboard.
piano and voice were soon to become the essentials of david’s post-nimoy song/lyric material – lending, to his compositions, an unprecedented elegance and subtlety. at the same time, a growing arsenal of drones and sound effects – meticulously recorded, processed & constructed from a variety of natural sources – served to enrich his continuing experiments in the ambient/industrial realm. these songs and soundscapes defined david’s mature musical sensibility: a somewhat moody and melancholic romanticism, combined with a yearning for transcendence & release.
the drawing room also introduced krkrkrk to the world of digital recording, with all of its rewards (pristine sound) and penalties (greater expense and complexity).”


picks in bold

  • in purgatory [1999 krkrkrk KRK081]
  • evolving sequence no. 1 [2001 krkrkrk KRK109]
  • the garden [2002 krkrkrk KRK111]
  • music for performance [2003 krkrkrk KRK126]

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