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The Drugs

this drugs 8″ is very odd. one side sounds like a drowsy, panadeine forte-dosed archers of loaf. it’s kind of in that slightly oblique american acoustic stroke-and-plume manner, addled with a typically wellington hint of ‘wuh?’. the other side of the record plugs the guitars in – recorded live, it’s the feelies drowning in a well of liquid valium. i’m listening to this record right now. god it’s good! i haven’t heard this in, literally, years. one guitarist keeps getting de-railed, like he’s watching a different band play and he’s trying to mimic their guitarists leads, unable to hear them
– from the now-defunct world of possibilities blog


picks in bold

  • ‘its all right ma’/va va voom’ 7″ lathe-cut single [hell on]
  • gas station lathe-cut 8″ [hell on]

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