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from krkrkrk‘s website: “enduring from late 1997 to early 2000, this avant-garde trio (justine sharp, david khan & peter wright) produced some of krkrkrk’s most impressive industrial/ambient, electro-acoustic music. like many of the label’s later projects, dis de-emphasized rock overtones & the use of rythm in favour of dense, drifting soundscapes concerned with the nature of elemental force, metamorphosis & human ritual.”

inferno has an earlier catalogue number because it was conceived earlier than earth/clasm – but recorded a year later. earth/clasm is essentially a “live” album recorded in an afternoon. however, inferno was a more considered release which took about 3 months to record – it’s the definitive dis album in my view- david khan


picks in bold

  • earth/chasm cassette / cd-r [1999 krkrkrk KRK096]
  • inferno [2000 krkrkrk KRK095]

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