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DD Smash

dave dobbyn‘s early 80s pop outfit, with peter warryn, rob guy, lisle kinney, scott calhoun, ian morris, gary langsfor and andrew clouston. big singles with ‘devil you know’, ‘whaling’ and of course the staple ‘outlook for thursday’ (which dark tower… Read More »DD Smash


Biography Christchurch based three piece featuring Failsafe’s Rob Maye, Kevin Stokes and Stephen Birss. The band was formed out of the ashes of 1986 – 87 band Heartland featuring all three members. Birss and Stokes going on to work on My… Read More »Dolphin

The Dabs

3-piece consisting of steve thorpe, geogg hayden and rowan sheddon who put out an ep on simon griggs propeller label and were featured on the it’s bigger than the both of us compilation. steve thorpe later sadly took his own… Read More »The Dabs


dragstrip is david clark, a wellington based fella who’s been playing guitar since the early 90s, most notably in ex-christchurch group ape management, but now solo.rn then in 2000 I teamed up with a local animator named mike heynes to… Read More »Dragstrip


dystopia consists of liz maw (spoken word), nigel b (keyboards), shinya (sitar and programming) and shiggy (images). the album features profound storytelling of an unearthly delicacy of substance set to an ambient, industrial-romantic soundscape: post-millenial spoken word chill music to… Read More »Dystopia

Drugs vs. Grandchildren

kez and shaun jury. Discography picks in bold noise and fumes 7″ lathe-cut ep [dirtlove] ‘gravity bleeds’/’a waste’/’the secret in the sea’ 7″ lathe-cut [dirtlove] black eye staredown: ‘words are power’/’30 seconds remaining’ 7″ lathe-cut [dirtlove] sick monks in a… Read More »Drugs vs. Grandchildren


origianlly a christchurch group based on (the teen angels) aman pilgrim’s song-writing, and completed by james ‘noizyboy’ guthrie (also of cinematic) and greg hitzel (atomic blossom), who was replaced by whetham allpress when the band relocated to the united states.… Read More »Debris


lower hutt punk outfit who split an album with barzell before disbanding in 2001, with the members (and barzell’s) reuniting in band successor the valley five. Discography picks in bold the valley 8 [w/ barzell]

Dread Beat and Blood

david grace, nana parata, alan huriwai, nathan rae, johnny tipuna, nathan warren, tam epiha, hope pohatu and gerald grace. Discography picks in bold tribute to a friend [1985]

Th’ Dudes

along with ian morris (who later joined him in dd smash), bruce hambling, peter coleman, lez white and pat urlich, the dudes were dave dobbyn‘s late 70s / early 80s pop band (though slightly more rock-orientated than the later outfit)… Read More »Th’ Dudes

Dub Asylum

an electronically-laced dub outfit from peter mclennan, known for their singles and dance-event performances. dub asylum is the latest musical alias for peter mclennan, former member of 90s reggae-thrash-punk-ska mutants the hallelujah picassos. dub asylum is a musical mash-up of… Read More »Dub Asylum

Dead C

Biography Dissonant, purposely Lo-Fi and exceedingly experimental Christchurch 3 piece built on Michael Morley and Bruce Russell’s guitar work and Robbie Yeats (The Renderers, Verlaines) pounding drumming. Their initial recordings were exercises in tonal freak-outs – pushing the limits of… Read More »Dead C


Biography The first lineup of Drone was formed in Auckland in early 1986 – members : Darryl Hocking , Dan Newnham, Gareth Farr and Rose Whitehead. Did a few gigs in Akld , Hamilton and New Plymouth – and released… Read More »Drone

The Delorians

[flickr-photo:id=253122592,size=s] Christchurch based Indie-Pop outfit, who’s first release (a self-released CD-R EP entitled Dash Dash Comma Nought) was released in 2007. The group features Jason Johnson (guitar/vox), Bryce Collier (bass/vox/melodica), Simon Brouwer (drums/percussion) and Sam Kivi (lap steel/weissenborn/rhodes). The groups… Read More »The Delorians