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Dub Asylum

an electronically-laced dub outfit from peter mclennan, known for their singles and dance-event performances.

dub asylum is the latest musical alias for peter mclennan, former member of 90s reggae-thrash-punk-ska mutants the hallelujah picassos. dub asylum is a musical mash-up of dub reggae, hip hop and funk, genres that weigh heavy on peter’s earsrn- taken from dub asylum’s official website

mclennan formed dub asylum after leaving the picassos in 1995 (after 2 albums), and formed some groove-heavy releases that continued the picassos dance-focus.


picks in bold

  • dub never sleeps ep [1999 loopy fruit]
  • she dubs me, she dubs me not [2002 antenna / emi]
  • she dubs me remix ep [2004 antenna]

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