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Auckland trio Drill were formed in 1989, featured on the 1st ‘Freak the Sheep’ (bFM Kiwi radio station) compilation, put out the single ‘Happy Home’ and a self-titled album -all on Flying Nun Records in the mid 1990’s. The songs were collected from sessions going right back to 1990.

Dr Kevorkian and the Suicide Machine

The early 2000’s recording outfit of Jordan Reyne. Built around Reyne’s strong vocals and a variety of musicians, mostly of the studio-pro variety (which currently includes Trinity Roots’ Rikki Gooch).


Yuri Frusin and Helen Johnstone (also both of Garbage and the Flowers) with Pianist Kristen Wineera (The Idle Suite, The Drugs, The Blueness).

Both members have since reunited with GATFs guitarist Paul Ling in the Melbourne-based Minit.

Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die!

Since forming their first band in High School back in Dunedin, the duo of Michael Prain and Andrew Wilson have been consistently at the forefront of New Zealand independent music. Die! Die! Die! formed in 2003 as an Auckland-based post-punk group with an explosive, propulsive sound and excellent songs.

Dum Dum Boys

An Iggy Pop and the Stooges obsessed proto-punk outfit from the early 80s. After recording New Zealand’s very first full-length punk LP (1981’s ‘Let there be noise’) the group morphed into The Henchmen.


Wellington based garage surf-punk band headed up by Marty Squire (guitar/vocals) wit brothers Dave (drums) and Luke Benge (keyboards), and Jules Desmond (bass). Formed from the ashes of Letterbox Lambs.

Had one catchy single ‘We Ride Tonight’ released as a New Zealand On Air music video

Julian Dashper

Formerly Auckland-based abstract artist who produced a string of lathe cut releases in the late 1990’s – 2000’s on Circle Records and the Luxus imprint.

Bill Direen

One of the longest running mythic underground figures of New Zealand rock who has worked (and commanded) such significant figures in the New Zealand music scene as Chris Knox, Peter Stapleton, Maryrose Crook, Dave Mitchell, Malcolm Grant – the list goes on.


auckland hip-hop crew with heavy ‘community-based’ funding and advertising that ended up sending their debut to the top of the new zealand charts on release. they’re a sturdy, if not too flashy crew and have been playing live fairly regularly,… Read More »Deceptikonz


west-coast based (though containing christchurch and wellington located members) rock’n’roll revivalists with a surf-edge. the real stuff – short on distortion, high on shadows-style guitar licks and genuinely fun. i once went to a gig they played were i was… Read More »Dellburgoes

The Drongos

richard kennedy, jean and tony mcmaster and john mitchell. Discography picks in bold the drongos ep [1985 wea] small miracles [live recording 1985 proteus PROTE2]


hamilton hardcore featuring sean and lindz who were nz distributors of profane existence and flat earth records. Discography picks in bold profane death clown 7″ lathe-cut ep [profane earth records earth001] force fed, the backlash [profane earth records earth002]

Dead Famous People

Biography All-girl mid 80’s Flying Nun Records outfit featuring Wendy Kjestrup, Jenny Renals, Donna Savage, Robyn Tearle, Elizabeth Leyland and Gill Moon. I picked up the EP (their sole New Zealand release) recently and was surprised by the almost amateur… Read More »Dead Famous People

Dating Godot

the highly productive andrew spittle. Discography picks in bold river stone 7″ lathe-cut [self-released] ‘all i’ve got is you’/’make’ 7″ lathe-cut [self-released] flicker [1992] viva la rover [1993] amber [1993] elephants graveyard lathe cut [1994 self-released] road of the patent… Read More »Dating Godot


an eclectic electronically laced band who delve into many different stylistic directions. it began in the tardus studios in 2000 as a studio based project for composer andrew vaughan and engineer matt milham. they were joined by keys man jonny… Read More »Dejusa