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Dr Kevorkian and the Suicide Machine

The early 2000’s recording outfit of Jordan Reyne.

Built around Reyne’s strong vocals and a variety of musicians, mostly of the studio-pro variety (which currently includes Trinity Roots‘ Rikki Gooch).


  • Jordan Reyne (Vocals / Guitar / Programming / Production)
  • Rikki Gooch (Drums)
  • Jaz Murphy (Bass / Production)
  • Luke Casey (Drums)
  • Simon Halloway (Programming / Production)
  • Gareth Price (Production)
  • Ashley Brown (Strings)
  • Victoria Kelly (Strings)


  • The Ironman [2000 Universal]
  • The Loneliest of creatures soundtrack [2002 Mediatrix Publishing]
  • Passenger [2004 Jayrem]


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