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an eclectic electronically laced band who delve into many different stylistic directions.

it began in the tardus studios in 2000 as a studio based project for composer andrew vaughan and engineer matt milham. they were joined by keys man jonny pilkington and drummer anthony ganley to facilitate their first live performance at the gathering 2001. debbie toko and her golden voice then joined the band at the beginning of 2002. bluring the line between beats and band – there is a strong electronic element to the music – but the dynamic live show busts down any preconceptions of electronica.rn- tardus music

dejusa are andrew vaughan (guitars, synths, vocals, song production), matt milham (bass guitar, samples), debbie toko (vocals), jonothan pilkington (synths), anthony ganley (drums), conrad perera (congas).


picks in bold

  • buy the numbers [2002 tardus 99412]

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