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Auckland trio Drill were formed in 1989, featured on the 1st ‘Freak the Sheep’ (bFM Kiwi radio station) compilation, put out the single ‘Happy Home‘ and a self-titled album -all on Flying Nun Records in the mid 1990’s. The songs were collected from sessions going right back to 1990.

All the way from the dreamy Sonic Youth guitar harmonics of “The Way To Drown” to songs featuring Drill’s characteristic choppy guitar antics over a bed woven of feedback and drums, the band prove their songwriting talent. But there’s also fun-plenty in the form of experiments like “x-noise with Tina” and the quirky Swell Maps-ing of “Psychic Cheese Shop” and “Pay The Rent“. Then there’s “Pink Thrust“, a version of The Chills‘ “Pink Frost”…

All in all, fans of left-field kiwi from Wire-like Nocturnal Projections through the early Headless Chickens to the present generation of home-noise-makers will enjoy the experience of turning on the power on this CD and let the high-rpm Drill noise loose for some sonic trepanation.

Flying Nun Records


  • John Pitcairn (The Letter 5, guitar / vocals)
  • Steven Sinkovich (guitar)
  • Michael Kwok (drums)



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