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Kim Blackburn

Kim Blackburn is a poet and singer-songwriter who put out the ‘Lizards In Love’ album on Flying Nun Records, using acoustic guitar and digital effects to give the album an unusual edge. Her voice has a deep, haunting quality – reminiscent of Nico.

She had previously been associated with underground labels such as Industrial Tapes, performing alongside Sandra Bell on the cassette only release ‘Two Metallic Hearts’.

Bengal Lights at Al's Bar, November 2006

Bengal Lights

Two-piece Rock’N’Roll duo from Auckland. They were tremendous on A Low Hum’s 2nd to last tour, with drummer Zoe Fleury belting it out (and singing too) from behind the kit while Maeve Munro played feedback-drenched guitar and sang from up front. Very cool.

Only release was a split single with The Lover Haters.

The Blunts

Auckland guitar and drums duo who have put out a couple releases adorned by excellent 60’s hard-rock styled artwork (coming from guitarist John Appleton’s pen) to match their bluesy minimalist rock.

Drummer Martinengo would go on to form similar garage rock groups Los Hories and Gaytime, whilst also running 1:12 Records.


Biography Lower Hutt rock via punk quartet who formed in 1997, but split in 2001 after releasing a split album with Discenter. The members (and Discenter’s) reunited in band successor the Valley Five.. Members Jonny Davis (Bass, 1997) Paul Herschell… Read More »Barzell

Bible Black

Biography Brian Crook spent 1997-2000 in Port Chalmers with his partner / Renderers band-mate Maryrose in a lovely house on the hills above Port Chalmers, creating a dark and brooding selection of songs in Crooks’ own home studio. Though Bible… Read More »Bible Black

Bailter Space

Biography Starting life as the Gordons, Bailter Space were one of the most abrasive aggressive and (primarily) loudest bands to ever emerge out of Christchurch and the Flying Nun Records scene of the early 80s. Comprised of Alister Parker on… Read More »Bailter Space


Biography One of Campbell McLay’s original Onset/Offset groups, fronted by Sarah Richards. The Bottletops put out an EP in 1983, then took 2 years to resurface on a split EP alongside McLay’s Toerag. Members Sarah Richards (Vocals, 1983 – 1985)… Read More »Bottletops

Book of Martyrs

Biography   Members Jonathan Harverson Armstrong (Drums/Vocals, 1988 – 1991) Stan Jagger (Guitar, 1991) Justine Francis (Violin, 1991) Alan Deare (Bass, 1988 – 1991) Sarah Knight (Bass/Cello, 1988 – 1991) Discography Catharsis (1988, Bomb, BOMB01) Purified Seven Times EP (1991,… Read More »Book of Martyrs

Bird Nest Roys

Biography Another in the long line of jangle pop outfits that optimized the Dunedin sound (though they originated from Auckland). They never quite hit the big time, though both the EP and their self-titled LP are well worth tracking down.… Read More »Bird Nest Roys

Black Girls Machine

Biography Studio-based out fit created by Michael Weston (Crystal Zoom) with contributions from John Payne (Hallelujah Picassos), James Pinker (latter-era Gordons) and Johny Fleury (The Idles) who released an EP on Flying Nun Records in the late 80’s, along with… Read More »Black Girls Machine

Boxcar Guitars

Biography Very slick and sadly short-lived country-flavored group out of Auckland. With a handful of choice support slots (including Evan Dando, Lambchop and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), the group quickly rose in profile, before disbanding on the release of their fine… Read More »Boxcar Guitars

Black Boned Angel

Biography Drone-metal group from Birchville Cat Motel‘s Campbell Kneale, recordings feature contributions from Sandoz Lab Technicians‘ James Kirk, Antony Milton and 1/3 Octave Band‘s Jules Desmond. As is the case with all Kneale groups, incredibly prolific with a number of releases… Read More »Black Boned Angel

Backyard Burial

Biography Lower Hutt death-metal / grind-core with a handful of self-produced recordings and some international support slots under their belt since forming in the late 1990’s (after a myriad of lineup changes). The group released the track ‘Bone Collector’ on… Read More »Backyard Burial


Biography Wellington pop band, originally formed as a high school band. The group produced two albums, ‘Pop Life’ (1997), and the somewhat lesser ‘Don’t Stop The Revolution’ (2000). Now distancing themselves from Breathe, 3 of the ex-members have reformed under… Read More »Breathe