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The Blow Charlie

Biography Long-hair rock from the Christchurch all-age crowd, circa 2004-6, originally known as The Blow Charlie Trio. Popular at high school level, the group disbanded before making the jump to an R18 crowd – and had connections to the strong… Read More »The Blow Charlie

The Bleeders

Biography Auckland hardcore / punk outfit that reached peak popularity around 2004. Boasting a line up of musicians all of whom have had vast experience as part of the New Zealand punk / hardcore scene in such acts as DSM,… Read More »The Bleeders

Douglas Bagnall

Biography Part of the 8 Dec Records label / Fever Hosptial collective, a group of low-key musicians / film-artists that have released several lathe-cuts (including an early Campbell Kneale release as Airport) to little or no attention. Members Douglas Bagnell… Read More »Douglas Bagnall

The Black Panthers

Biography Late 90’s sleaze rockers out of Christchurch and featuring Garden City rocker extraordinaire Matt Alien (aka Matt Johnson also of The Hi-Tone Destroyers). Made a habit of being even more extreme than The Hi-Tones, with Matt constantly baiting the… Read More »The Black Panthers

Big Sideways

Biography No kidding big: this New Zealand band boasts a dozen members, including four horn people, four guitarists and two drummers. Seven of ’em are songwriters, which (not surprisingly) makes this a pretty eclectic record, fusing rock, jazz, funk and… Read More »Big Sideways


Biography Put out two releases on underground label Root Don Lonie For Cash. Potentially something to do with The Futurians… Or Campbell Kneale? Members Discography Tram To The Rise CDr (Root Don Lonie For Cash, RDL080) Dog Lathe 7″ (Root Don… Read More »B.C.

Nigel Bunn

Biography Trumpets blow out of walls, guitars shoot auditory tendrils out of the earth like upward lunging ivy plants, organs drone and lurch and steam like black rain clouds from the next to last days, speckled electronic tones dance across… Read More »Nigel Bunn

Blond Comedy

Biography Evolving out of The New Entrants in the early 80’s, Blond Comedy were Andrew and Tony Johns, David Mauger (Marginal Era) and Craig Smith-Pilling. Members Andrew Johns (Drums, 1982 – 1983) Tony Johns (Vocals/Saxophone, 1982 – 1983) David Mauger… Read More »Blond Comedy

The Brainchilds

Biography Mid 90’s precursor to The Thrashing Marlins who put out a couple releases on specialist labels Jayrem and Braille Record. Members Janet Roddick (Organs/Vocals/Trombone, 1994) David Donaldson (Bass, 1994) Tim Robinson (Drums, 1994) Steve Roche (Guitar/Vocals/Trumpet, 1994) Discography The Brainchilds… Read More »The Brainchilds


Biography Pronounced Vusstanya, Bocctahne were a three piece on David Khan’s kRkRkRk label who existed between 1999 and late 2000, comprised of Khan, Megan Gallacher and Ed Wilson. Emphasizing group dynamics & spontaneity, the trio combined lush, abstract vocal harmonies… Read More »Bocctahne


Biography Short-lived Wellington hard-rock 3-piece comprised of Head Like A Hole‘s Tom Watson and Nigel Reagan, and bolstered by Craig Terris. Put out a 7″ EP on Andrew Tolley’s excellent Kato label. Terris and Watson went on to form Cassette.… Read More »Baconfoot

The Bats

Biography The Clean was never a band to stand still. Several times during the 80’s they broke up, then reformed for a European, New Zealand or American tour, and all three members relocated at least once during these crucial years.… Read More »The Bats

The Bads

Biography Ex-pats The Julie Dolphin (a successive British pop outfit that even managed tours with Oasis throughout the 1990’s) split in the early 2000’s, with founding kiwi duo Brett Adams (himself an ex-Mocker) and Dianne Swan (Everything That Flies, When the… Read More »The Bads