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The Black Seeds

Biography Wellington funky reggae/dub outfit. Released the brilliant single ‘Keep On Pushing‘ in 2001, followed it with a solid debut of the same name, then a remix album that stretched their sound into dub and electronic directions. Great live band,… Read More »The Black Seeds

The Black Sheep

Biography Not to be confused with the U.S. hip-hop outfit, Black Sheep A Wellington-based Avante Garde Jazz Trio, based around the Donaldson brothers rhythm section with Stuart Porter on Saxophone/Clarinet. Members Stuart Porter (Saxophone/Clarinet, 1985) David Donaldson (Double Bass, 1985)… Read More »The Black Sheep

Mary Briefcase

Biography Electronic artist who put out a low-scale album and EP on their own label in 1982.   Members Mary Briefcase Discography Jupiter by Ridge EP (w/ Mingelp 1982, Old Age Records, OLDAGE001) Whisper of the Sheba Dawn (1982, Old Age… Read More »Mary Briefcase

Birchville Cat Motel

Extremely prolific Wellington experimental sound-artist who also records his given name of Campbell Kneale, and as a founding member of such varied performance outfits as Lugosi, Hataitai Bowling Club, Black Boned Angel etc.

Kneale has been making music since the mid 90’s, accumulating a vast amount of (usually) limited edition CDr releases and building a name for himself overseas, were he receives a considerably higher profile (though due to the nature of his music – quite abstract, this popularity is limited to an appreciative cult following).

Bored Gordon

Biography Fuzzy guitar rock out of Auckland formed in 2003 after the demise of Mallet and Emery’s former band Dozer. Members Simon Mallet (Vocals/Guitar, 2003 – 2005) Marc Emery (Guitar/Accordion/Vocals, 2003 – 2005) Paul Ni (Bass, 2003 – 2005) Nick… Read More »Bored Gordon

Brother J

Biography The alias of soul vocalist Jason Leslie Hall, a Hokianga vocalist who has collaborated with the likes of DLT, Manuel Bundy etc, along with contributing his own songs to the first two Sugarlicks compilations. ..But it was at Wellington’s… Read More »Brother J

Body Corporate

Biography Auckland based spazzmo-eclectic noise-drone-pop-rock outfit formed around Stephen Horsley, Mark Stewart, ex-Marineville bassist Will Waters and Paul Phillips (drums). The group are tied to Hawkes Bay-based Hit Your Head Music – as they have toured with ‘head regulars Amy… Read More »Body Corporate


Biography Batrider were one of the brightest stars to come out of Wellington in the early 2000’s. A four-piece led by guitarist/vocalist Sarah Chadwick, the strength in the group lies in their gritty vocals and guitarist Julia Rouse’s excellent rhythmic… Read More »Batrider

Bressa Creeting Cake

Biography What a bizarre little band this one was! Starting off as Breast Secreting Cake, the trio of Joel Milton (drums, tabla, percussion, vibraphone), Geoff Maddock (vocals, acoustic/electric/bass guitars, piano/keyboards, mandolin, vibraphone) and Edmund Cake (vocals, acoustic/electric/bass guitars, percussion) made… Read More »Bressa Creeting Cake


Biography Hugely popular both nationally and overseas; particularly in South-East Asia, Blindspott were a nu-metal 5-piece from West Auckland. Originally forming in 1997, the group spent 5 years developing their sound and a strong local following before completing their debut release.… Read More »Blindspott

Black Market Art

Biography Fantastic youthful Christchurch pop-rock trio from the mid 2000’s. Forming at Cashmere High School, Darian Woods, Joseph Harper and Matt Scobie were a popular band within the All-Ages and eventually the indie-rock scene within Christchurch, releasing a terrific debut… Read More »Black Market Art

Breathing Cage

Biography Something of a dark horse in the New Zealand rock canon, Breathing Cage reads like a super group of New Zealand musicians (vocals by Jay Clarkson, guitar by Greg Malcolm, drums by Gary Sullivan and bass by Michael Kime)… Read More »Breathing Cage

Ralph Bennett

Biography Members Ralph Bennett (Guitar/Vocals, 1984 – 1986) George Twhiti (Bass, 1984) Kevin Thomas (Drums, 1984 – 1986) Wayne Wilson (Guitar/Vocals, 1984 – 1986) Phil Davison (Saxophone , 1984) Gabriel Alvarez (Bass, 1986) Discography Sitting In Silence, Drowning In Screams… Read More »Ralph Bennett


Biography Wellington-based indie-rock outfit that formed in 1999 and has since self-released 2 EP’s and an album. Members Discography We Speed Through The Ozone EP (1999, self-released) Beer Commercial [2001, self-released) Self-Help Cassette EP (2004, self-released) Links    

Beautiful Losers

Biography A fine and surprisingly accessible collaborative band that featured the usually challenging Peter Wright (Guitar) and Dave Khan (Keyboards), with the ever-propulsive drumming of Rustle Covini. The band lasted throughout 2002 and 2003 before Wright relocated to London, though… Read More »Beautiful Losers