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The Black Seeds


Wellington funky reggae/dub outfit.

Released the brilliant single ‘Keep On Pushing‘ in 2001, followed it with a solid debut of the same name, then a remix album that stretched their sound into dub and electronic directions.

Great live band, they we’re part of Wellington’s popular dub and funk scene which blossomed out of venues like the Matterhorn in the early 00’s.

2003 saw the band becoming one of New Zealand’s most popular live acts, and a big singles band too – with their sophomoric release selling in large numbers, and Barnaby Weir releasing a solo debut as Flash Harry.

2004’s On The Sun saw the band moving in a funkier direction, dropping a lot of the dub vibe that graced their earlier live shows and the remix album.

Bret McKenzie would find further success as part of musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords (with Jermaine Clement) – initially as a stand-up comedy performance before eventually creating their own US-based television show and becoming one of New Zealand’s most successful performing acts.


  • Shannon Williams
  • Barnaby Weir (Vocals/Guitar, 2001 -)
  • Daniel Weetman (Vocals/MPC/Percussion, 2001 -)
  • Rich Christie
  • Brett Mckenzie (Keyboards/Vocals, 2001 -)
  • Lee Prebble (Knobs and Faders, 2001 -)
  • Mikey Fabulous (Guitar/Vocals, 2001 -)
  • Toby Laing
  • Jarney Murphy (Drums)
  • Michael Taylor (Trumpet/Trombone)
  • Jabin Ward (Saxophone)
  • Nigel Patterson (Keyboards)
  • MC Twink (MC)



  • Keep On Pushing EP (2001, Loop Recordings)
  • Pushed (Remix Album 2002, Loop Recordings)
  • On The Sun (2004, Loop Recordings)
  • Into the Dojo (2006, Capitol Music)
  • The Black Seeds EP (2007, Best Seven)
  • The Answer EP (2007, Best Seven)
  • Sometimes Enough EP (2007, Best Seven)
  • Slingshot EP (2007, Best Seven)
  • Solid Ground (2008, Best Seven)
  • Take Your Chances CD Maxi (2008, Sonar Kollectiv)
  • Live Vol. 1 (2009, Black Seeds)
  • Afrophone 7″ (2010, The Black Seeds)
  • Dust and Dirt (2012, Proville Records)
  • Specials (2013, Proville Records)
  • Fabric (2017, Proville Records)



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