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Brother J


The alias of soul vocalist Jason Leslie Hall, a Hokianga vocalist who has collaborated with the likes of DLT, Manuel Bundy etc, along with contributing his own songs to the first two Sugarlicks compilations.

..But it was at Wellington’s Cuba Street Carnival, jamming with the mighty Roots Foundation that J met DJ Mu (Fat Freddys Drop) and a love of bass, reggae and songwriting led the two to start work on J’s album.
The resulting ‘Be Bob A Nui’ is a pop soul shakedown with conscious lyrics, fat beats and fat bass – an album of sweet soul for the urban generation with nu-skool dub niceties
– Liz Barry, taken from New Zealand Musician magazine


  • Jason Hall (Vocals, 2002)
  • Toby Laing (Trumpet, 2002)
  • Warryn Maxwell (Vocals/Guitar, 2002)
  • Jessica Agrrey (2002)
  • Maya (2002)
  • Nat Rose (2002)
  • Sheba (2002)
  • Alan Pitt (2002)
  • Earl E Dee (2002)
  • Tehimana Kerr (Guitar, 2002)


Be Bop A Nui (2002, Sugarlicks Records, SugarCD003)



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