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The Body Electric

Biography Pseudo-electro / new-wave outfit known for their bizarre hit ‘Pulsing‘, which comes across as a parody of early electronic bands these days (primarily Kraftwerk and New Order). Created by record impresario Alan Jansson (performing as Alan Jimson). Actor Garry… Read More »The Body Electric


Biography Hamilton mainstream 90’s metal group that found some success in the mid 90’s thanks to being championed by Grant Hislop – the young founder of The Rock radio station – which focused on getting New Zealand rock music onto… Read More »Blackjack


Biography Featured Stefan Wolf, released a self-titled album record at Stiff Herbert’s studio in Wellington, in 1991. Members Stefan Wolf (Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica/Keyboards) Mike Jansen (Bass) … Grass (?) Erin Tasker (Vocals) Discography Bizu (1991, Toonz, TNZCD901) Links Discogs Entry  


Biography Andrew Brough was the unwanted third wheel of The Straitjacket Fits. He had never been in a ‘rock’ band before the fits, but had established a reputation (as the front-man from the relatively unknown The Orange) for being a… Read More »Bike

Damien Binder

Biography Damien Binder is an Auckland-based singer-songwriter in the Greg Johnson mold with a couple of independently recorded and released albums under his belt. Binder was previously the front-man for pop-grunge group Second Child. Binder has had success through-out the… Read More »Damien Binder

Brother Love

Biography Fuzzy, bluesy Rock’n’Roll from Martin Henderson, aka Brother Love. Henderson has lent his name to a number of groups (‘The Homebacon Gang’, ‘The Second Hand Emotions’, The Free Association’, His Dark Horses’, ‘His Far Out Space Nuts’ etc), featuring… Read More »Brother Love

Breaks Co-Op

Biography With the influx of Massive Attack influenced bands in the mid 90’s, there were a number of trip-hop imitators world wide, trying to perfect their own mix of lazy grooves and downbeat vocals. Auckland duo Breaks Co-Op thankfully got… Read More »Breaks Co-Op


Biography 2nd generation pop rockers that aren’t too bad. A young Liam (son of Neil) Finn started playing music in his pre-teen years, and he developed quite an ear for good melody. Joined by Matt Eccles (son of Australian hero… Read More »Betchadupa

The Brunettes

Biography Sunshine and candy-canes, The Brunettes were a hard-working and extremely promising, genuine kiwi pop band – a rare thing in this day and age. Forming around Heather Mansfield and Jonathan Bree’s girl-boy vocals and a plethora of instruments used… Read More »The Brunettes


Biography Semi-acoustic 4-piece from Wellington fronted by Aaron Watson with David Leahy, S. C. and D. L. Clever. Their sole albums varies between Don McGlashan style balladry and and even a bit of uptempo ska. Members Aaron Watson (Vocals/Guitar) David… Read More »Brouhaha


Biography Auckland hard-core / skate-punk outfit. Balance formed the ElevenFiftySeven record label as an effort to raise the profile of Auckland hardcore, organizing tours and promoting bands at any given opportunity. Members Stefan Thompson (Bass, 1994) Ben Lythberg (Drums, 1994… Read More »Balance

The Builders

Biography The most recognized of Bill Direen’s many underground projects, The Builders recordings are as varied as they are numerous, and litter his discography (often with infuriating spelling variations –  The Bilders, Bildirene, Die Bilder etc). Check Direen’s Main Entry for… Read More »The Builders

Duncan Bruce

Biography What makes this album great is the aforementioned brevity of the pieces. Duncan spans all shapes of the volume curve, sliding through landscapes of barren glacial shifts, torn loudspeaker edits and ye olde drone, and letting the feedback go… Read More »Duncan Bruce

Luke Buda

Biography The Polish-born front-man (birth-name Lukaz Buda) for downbeat Wellington Popsters The Phoenix Foundation, after two albums Luke Buda has really found his feet as a professional pop song-writer, and found time to write and record his own solo debut… Read More »Luke Buda


Biography One of the more popular Wellington punk acts from the late 1990’s and early 00’s, formed in 1997 by Paul Tansley and Sarah Radford. Through-out the late 90’s the band had a swag of high profile tour support slots,… Read More »Brubeck