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Breaks Co-Op


With the influx of Massive Attack influenced bands in the mid 90’s, there were a number of trip-hop imitators world wide, trying to perfect their own mix of lazy grooves and downbeat vocals.

Auckland duo Breaks Co-Op thankfully got the formula very right though with their stunning singular album Roofers.

An eclectic mix of found sounds, blissed-out synths and its own fair share of studio trickery, the album gracefully flows from groove to groove, unashamedly laid-back.

Comprised of former Urban Disturbance member / future MTV Europe host Zane Lowe and Hamish Clark with guest vocals from Dr. Kevorkian and the Suicide Machine vocalist Jordan Reyne, Breaks Co-Op hit the heights quickly, then disappeared without a trace.

In early 2005 murmur’s of the groups impending comeback began to surface. Finally after a long absence when the duo were both in London, Lowe and Clark had once again been back in the recording studio. This time with (new full-time member) Andy Lovegrove’s soul-styled vocals and new ventures into live instrumentation, ‘The Sound Inside’ finally arrived in march 2005.


  • Zane Lowe (Production, 1997 – )
  • Hamish Clark (Production, 1997 – )
  • Manuel Bundy (Turntables, 1997)
  • Jordan Reyne (Vocals, 1997)
  • Nick Atkinson (1997)
  • Andy Lovegrove (Vocals, 2005)


  • Sound Advice CD Single (1997, Deepgrooves Entertainment, DG048)
  • Roofers (1998, Deep Grooves)
  • The Sound Inside (2005, EMI, 8733512)
  • Settle Down (2005, EMI)
  • The Otherside Single (2005, EMI)
  • A Place For You Single (2005, EMI)
  • Duet 12″ Single (2006, EMI)
  • Sounds Familiar (2014, Warner Music Group)




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