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Big Muffin Serious Band


A kid-orientated big band (and the music-orientated side-line of the McGillicudy Serious Party political outfit) encompassing many different styles, always with a comic edge, and never using guitars.

Jim Fulton and Graeme Cairns released their debut back in 1987, and it took some 14 years before the follow-up Heavens to Murgatroyd appeared with extra member Baz Galbraith joining the fold (which includes an array of ensemble players).


  • Jim Fulton (Ukelele, 1983 -)
  • Graeme Cairns (Ukelele, 1983 -)
  • Ian Coldham-Fussell (Keyboards, 1983 – 1986)
  • Mark Wells
  • Chris Allen
  • Keith MacMillan (Tea-Chest Bass, 1985 -)
  • Peter Caldwell
  • Paul Van Wering
  • Jeff Howell
  • Mathew Shirley
  • Bevan Galbraith
  • Tony Wyeth
  • Paul Tregligas
  • James Sutherland
  • Nick Clothier
  • Adam Fulton


  • Jabberwocky Goes To Town (1987, Big Serious Promotions, PRA2385)
  • Heavens To Murgatroyd (2001)



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