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Nigel Bunn


Trumpets blow out of walls, guitars shoot auditory tendrils out of the earth like upward lunging ivy plants, organs drone and lurch and steam like black rain clouds from the next to last days, speckled electronic tones dance across the spectrum like gas bubbles belched out of a catfish’s burrow and into some hidden eddy that spins it miles away before it hits the surface.
– Bill Meyer

A textually inclined song-smith with connections to Alistair Galbraith, Bunn has been very slow at releasing his recorded material, with Index (his debut full length) surfacing almost a decade after Galbraith included his ‘Goodbye God Baby Goodbye‘ on the Killing Capitalism with Kindness compilation.


  • Nigel Bunn


  • Earlyman Recordings 7″ Lathe (1996, Trinder Music, TM08)
  • Index (1999, Emperor Jones, EJ24CD)


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