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Boxcar Guitars


Very slick and sadly short-lived country-flavored group out of Auckland.

With a handful of choice support slots (including Evan Dando, Lambchop and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), the group quickly rose in profile, before disbanding on the release of their fine debut EP.

The catalyst of their sound came about with the addition of legendary guitarist John ‘Segovia’ Markie (The Axel Grinders, Space Dust etc) adding lap-steel to their down-beat folk-country sound, composed by original band members Benny ‘Boxcar’ Maitland, Marcus Joyce and Kari Hammond.


  • John Markie (Guitar, 2005)
  • Ben Maitland (Guitar/Vocals, 2005)
  • Marcus Joyce (Bass, 2005)
  • Kari Hammond (Drums, 2005)
  • Kerrin Worsford (Drums, 2005)



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