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Schlocky popsters Adrian Palmer (Drums), Ben Campbell (Bass, Vocals) and Nathan King (vocals, guitar), signed straight out of Cashmere High School (Christchurch) to make horribly atonal pop music (under Kiwi legend Ray Columbus’s management) thats all hook and non-substance. They then went on to add guitarist Andy Lynch, then soundtrack some American ‘teen’ flicks, and now they get their lyrics written by (Weezer’s) River Cuomo. Ughh. The group broke up around 2004 with lead singer King going on to start his own solo career.


  • Adrian Palmer (drums, 199?-2004)
  • Ben Campbell (bass/vocals, 199?-2004)
  • Nathan King (vocals/guitar, 199?-2004)
  • Andy Lynch (guitar, 200?-2004)


  • Silencer [2000 Universal Nz 0140382]
  • This Little Empire [2004 Interscope 9813413]


Rianz Awards 2000

  • Album Of The Year: Silencer
  • Top Group: Zed
  • Top Male Vocalist: Nathan King


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