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Over the years, Mikel Goodwin’s wormwood solo project has shown him to be one of KRKRKRK’s most versatile and ingenious recording artists. Mikel’s enviable talent with soldering irons and screwdrivers – and his technical flair for the construction of diabolical, electro-mechanical devices has only enhanced the label’s reputation for loud and reckless experimentation.

Taking cues from the 1980’s industrial/ambient and goth-rock movements, there is noise and darkness in Mikel’s music – but these elements have always been complemented by a twisted pop sensibility and an attitude of playful malevolence.
– KRKRKRK Website


  • Deformity For Flying Vile Things [2000 Krkrkrk Krk085]
  • Inside Doubt [2001 Krkrkrk Krk117]


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